Fujifilm X-T2 unveilled

Today Fujifilm have announced the much anticipated and over leaked X-T2. So finally I can say that truthfully this camera is out there and is wonderful to handle.


The camera has all the good looks of its predecessor but has been redesigned based on photographers feedback. The magnesium body has weather resistant sealing to suit rugged outdoor conditions, this professional body is slightly larger than the Fujifilm X-T1 due to improved control dials that turn easily with or without gloves.

In the hand it feels chunky but not over big, it also feels less flimsy than the X-T1, the buttons and dials all have a very positive action so there is less chance of accidentally knocking the settings.

The design of the body has been altered to fit more comfortably in the hand, I really like the new feel, it feels like a professional camera, and when the new grip is added it really has the feel true photographers camera.

The very impressive 24.3MP APS-C X Trans CMOS III sensor, featured on the X-Pro2, has already proved its worth to photographers but now with the addition of 4K and 2K video formats opens up the incredible range to professional videographers too. When filming video expect incredible sharpness and low noise when recording up to a maximum of ISO 12800.

One thing I am overjoyed with is the new screen, now it tilts three ways, which means that when you are shooting in the vertical format as well as the horizontal orientations you can flip out the screen for easy viewing of your subject when working at low angles or above head height.


Of course Fuji being Fuji don’t stop there. The X-T2 features an electronic shutter with a limit of 1/32,000 second, an Intelligent Hybrid Phase detection AF,  a 2.36 Million dots Electronic Viewfinder and dual SD UHS-II memory card slots that will capture up to 14 frames per second with the Performance Boost Mode turned on.

The new vertical power booster grip adds performance too, as well as holding two extra batteries (these too have been redesigned) the VPB-XT2 will increase frame rate to an incredible 14 fps and decrease the shutter lag when shooting video.


When shooting at 14fps you can record up to 42 jpeg or 28 RAW files before the camera needs to catch up. You can of course select a slower shooting rate which will extend the shooting and recording rate before the buffer kicks in.

The new Intelligent Hybrid Phase detection autofocus will allow you to select up to 325 autofocus points allowing for precise focus. What this means is no matter whether the subject is within the frame, the camera will autofocus very quickly to pick up the subject.

The autofocus is fully customisable too, allowing you to adjust the tracking to your preferred style of shooting depending on the subject you are tracking.

From my limited testing of the X-T2, action photographers are going to love the faster focussing and active tracking, it really is fast and accurate.

The X-T2’s ISO range of 200 – 12800 (RAW shooting) is exactly the same as the Fujifilm X-Pro2. When recording at high ISO like 3200 or 6400 photographers will find images and video to be very clear resulting in smooth graduation and deeper blacks.

The X-T2 can also be used to command up to three flashes – Fuji have also announced the EF EX500 flash – not being a flash user I can’t comment on this. However it will be nice to have a dedicated flash system that really works.

I only had a limited time using the X-T2 and because of all the leaks, I wasn’t even allowed to take it away from the office but I was seriously impressed with it. I will be testing one in the very near future so expect a full in detail update from me soon.